RDP Engineering knowledge in remediation systems is backed through years of experience obtained by its Principle. The Principle was manager of electrical services with a former company who was contracted for many years to maintain a variety of remediation systems at a Pinellas Park facility. This facility experienced DNAPL releases from buried drums that leaked solvents and other waists resulting in soil and ground water contamination. Numerous remediation systems were tested throughout this facility for environmental restoration. Some of the systems implemented were bio sparging, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, dual phase extraction, ground water extraction and air striping, and steam injection to name a few. The principles task was to provide electrical and control designs to merry the various remediation skids to the restoration sites. 

RDP Engineering has since used this experience to provide electrical engineering services for remediation sites for companies such as SM Stroller, Navarro Research and Engineering, WRS Compass and PSI. Primary Task include: Electrical power distribution design, control systems design, control panel design, construction supervision and inspections, start up assistance testing and control systems analysis. 

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