ARC Flash & Coordination Studies

Our qualified NFPA 70E, IEEE-registered expert can perform a well detailed inspection of your plant or facility. We offer a wide variety of arc flash and electrical studies, including:

  • Arc flash analysis
  • Electrical power studies
  • Protective device coordination
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Power flow studies

Our evaluations & reports are based on IEEE, OSHA & NFPA, the organizations setting the standards for arc flash studies. We use SKM Power Tools For Windows (PTW), to give overall the best accurate results.

RDP Engineering arc flash studies (or arc flash hazard analysis) starts & ends at at your facility.

We first collect data from your facility and either verify your one line diagram(s) or develop new one line diagrams. The field data collected such as model numbers of your circuit breakers & switch gear, conductor sizes & lengths and motor name plate datas will be input to SKM Power Tools for windows (PTW) to develop a site specific computer model. A report will then be generated including executive summary, assumptions, reduced copy of one-line diagram and Arc Flash evaluations summary spread sheet. When the computer model is completely finalized, we will then print out moisture proof, vinyl adhesive backed Arch Flash Hazard Labels for installation on your electrical distribution equipment.

 Studies can be customized to include fault current and coordination analysis, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Level recommendations, Arc Flash Equipment Labeling and more according to your specific situation. Notes and recommendations are given for areas presenting risk to personnel or equipment.

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